Third Party Monitoring

We provide monitoring and verification services in remote and non-permissive environments to help government agencies, donor and development and aid organizations to make informed decision...


Policy Performance and Impact Evaluation

Combining highest evaluation standards and unique sector specific understanding, we assess the effects of programmes and policies and turn evidence into action-based policy advice.


Cyber Security

Through vast experience and skilled professionals with robust digital literacy, we defend private sector, government agencies and non-state actor against cyber-attack.


About Us

Alternative Solutions is a Somalia-based consulting firm that provides specialized consultancy services to government, non-government organizations and corporate entities in the areas of monitoring, evaluations, research, capacity building, organization development and Environmental Consulting services.

Alternative Solutions founded in 2011 as small startup firm grew over the years gaining momentum reputations in providing the aforementioned specialized services.

  • Our vision:
  • Our Mission:
  • Our Core values:

To be your trusted companion for lasting solutions

providing and facilitating unparalleled consulting services through research, edge-cutting technologies, practical approaches and contextually tailored methodologies.

  • Professionalism: Deploying relevant, competent and highly experienced network of experts who are passionate to make a difference;
  • Unique/unparalleled service: Providing contextualized and out-of-box multifaceted solutions;
  • Service durability: Through meaningful involvement empowering lasting solutions
More Services

Applied research and learning

We conduct quick-turnaround studies to identify best practices and document learning to facilitate client understanding through ‘Pause and Reflect’’ sessions to inspire clients’ deep dive into data articulate ideas evidence-base decision, policies, strategies and further research

Organization Development and institutional capacity building

We offer organization development services through diagnosing the problem, providing clear and accurate feedback to design and assess solution for future practical recommendations while ensure best possible use of money, manage expectations to provide sustainable cost-effective services.

Environment and Energy Consulting

As a forefront Somali consulting firm in environmental impact assessment (EIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), we provide specific environment appraisals and comprehensive impact assessments service to industrial, residential development programmes through deep subject matter expertise to meet client needs.

Cyber Security Protect

Protect your website, web server, and web application for helping you stay away from the hacker

Database Security

The threat to data has never been greater.

Application Security

We Enable you Securely build, deploy and iterate applications.

Web Security

We ensure your website is up to date with neccessary security protocols

Server Security

We provide you with hardening and optimization in many different areas of server

Our Portfolio